Centre de cercetare

Centrul de Biologie Sistemică, Biodiversitate şi Bioresurse (Centru 3B)

Detalii: http://centru3b.centre.ubbcluj.ro/

Centrul de Microscopie Electronică

Detalii: http://emc.centre.ubbcluj.ro/

Colectivul de Inginerie Genetică Vegetală

Detalii: http://plantigenetic.uv.ro/

Centrul de Cercetări Geologice Integrate /
The Research Center for Integrated Geological Studies

Established: 2001 in The Department of Geology of the Babes-Bolyai University;
Location: Babes-Bolyai University, Department of Geology, Str. Mihail Kogalniceanu nr. 1, 400084 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Director, prof.dr. Sorin Filipescu (e-mail)
WEB : http://bioge.ubbcluj.ro/cigs/

  • Analyses on micro-elements from solid materials and liquids;
  • Analyses for concentrations of trace elements in rocks, soils, and water;
  • Mineralogic and petrographic analyses on natural and synthetic products;
  • Testing physical and mechanical properties of materials used in constructions and industry (ceramics, glass, cements)
  • Micropaleontologic, biostratigraphic, paleoenvironmental, and sedimentologic analyses on sedimentary rocks and recent sediments;
  • Isotopic analyses – δ18O, δ2H and δ13C
  • Geological mapping, data interpretation in prospection and exploration, geological data integration, optimization of exploration and mining works;
  • Tematic exhibitions, promotion of geosciences;
  • Organising conferences and workshops;
  • Organising field trips and tematic applications for specialists and beginners;
  • Professional courses, summer schools, training stages etc.