Șef lucr. dr. Craioveanu Cristina

Teza de doctorat

Craioveanu, C., 2005, Effects of Grassland Management on Plants and Invertebrates in Transylvania, Romania: A threat to local biodiversity hotspots, Univ. Basel, coord. şt. prof. univ.dr. Baur Bruno, domeniul Biologie, specialitatea Zoologie, distincţia bene.

Cărţi si capitole în cărţi publicate în ultimii 10 ani

Craioveanu, C., Sitar, C., Rakosy, L. Mobility, behaviour and phenology of the Violet Copper Lycaena helle in North-Western Romania – implications for conservation. pp 91-105, in: Jewels In The Mist A synopsis on the endangered Violet Copper butterfly Lycaena helle. Habel, J.C., Meyer, M., Schmitt, T. (eds.). Pensoft Publishers, Bulgaria, 2014.

Lista publicatiilor ISI in ultimii 10 ani:

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2014, Crisan, A., Sitar, C., Craioveanu, M.C., Vizauer, T.C., Rakosy, L. Multiannual population size estimates and mobility of the endemic Pseudophilotes bavius hungarica (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) from Transylvania (Romania). North-Western Journal of Zoology, 10 (Supplement 1): S115-S124. (AUTOR CORESPONDENT)

2016, Moga, C.I., Samoilă, C., Öllerer, K., Băncilă, R.I., Réti, K.O., Craioveanu, C., Poszet, S., Rákosy, L., Hartel, T. Environmental determinants of the old oaks in wood-pastures from a changing traditional social-ecological system of Romania. Ambio, 45: 480-489.

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Lista publicatiilor BDI in ultimii 10 ani:

2011, Crisan, A. Sitar C., Craioveanu, C., Rakosy, L. The protected Transylvanian Blue (Pseudophilotes bavius hungarica): new information on the morphology and biology. Nota lepid. 34 (2): 163 – 168.

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