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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The manuscript must be sent together with the AUTHOR AGREEMENT FORM (downloadable from the site http://studia.ubbcluj.ro/serii/biologia/index_en.html).
  • Authors must use the STUDIA TEMPLATE, available on the site (http://studia.ubbcluj.ro/serii/biologia/index_en.html). Articles that do not respect the template will be sent back to the authors.
  • WORD editor will be used to type the manuscript, in English only. Authors are responsible for submitting papers in comprehensible US or UK English. Only manuscripts checked for spelling and grammar errors will be accepted.
  • STUDIA UBB BIOLOGIA supports a peer review system for paper evaluation: The authors must take into account the comments made by the reviewer(s). In case of disagreement, authors must provide evidence for rejecting the reviewer’s comments. The final version of the article must include the highlighted changes in the text (according to the reviewer’s suggestions)
  • All authors have seen and approved the manuscript being submitted. Common agreement has been reached before submission. The manuscript represents original work; it has not been published or is not under considered for publication elsewhere.
  • The corresponding author is responsible for the submission, on behalf of all co-authors. No additional authors will be added post submission, unless editors receive detailed explanation and agreement from all authors.

Author Guidelines

Editing guidelines (please see the downloadable version of instruction to authors at: http://studia.ubbcluj.ro/download/instr/biologia.pdf)

1. Layout: A4, Portrait. Margins: 4 cm (left/right) and 4,8 cm (top/bottom). Multiple pages: “Mirror margins”. Headers and Footers “Different first pages” and “Different odd and even pages”.

2. Title and authors’ names: Title will be written in Times New Roman 12, centered. Authors will also indicate a short (running) title. Authors are written in Times New Roman 12, centered. Each author will indicate the affiliation (see the Footnote of current page).

3. Summary and keywords: Summary is written with Times New Roman 10 with 25 cm left and right indentation. A maximum of 300 words are recommended for summarizing the contents of the article. Keywords are written below Summary in Times New Roman 11. A maximum of 5 different   keywords are allowed, arranged in alphabetical order.

4. Main text will be written in Times New Roman 11, justify and at single line spacing. The text will be clearly structured into “Introduction”, “Materials and methods”, “Results”, ”Discussions” and “Conclusions”. Acknowledgements are not mandatory, but inclusion of funding acknowledgements is strongly recommended.

5. References: In the main text, the authors will be mentioned with their first names, followed by the year of publication within brackets (Johnson, 1998; Webbs and Johnson, 2000; Johnson et al., 2001). At the end of text, the references are listed alphabetically, with Times New Roman 10, as follows:

Article citation (journal names should be abbreviated, except the case when the title is a single word. Please use the Web of Science Journal Title Abbreviations): Pronk, J. T., Meulenberg, R., Hazeu, W., Bos, P., Kuenen, J. G. (1990) Oxidation of reduced inorganic sulfur compounds by acidophilic thiobacilli, FEMS Microbiol. Rev., 75:293-306

Book citation: Watson, J. D., Berry A. (2003) DNA: The Secret of Life, 1st Ed., Knopf, New York, pp. 464

Book chapter citation: Tindall, B. J. (1988) Prokaryotic life in the alkaline saline athalassic environment, In: Halophilic Bacteria, Rodriguez–Valera, F. (ed.), CRC, Boca-Raton, pp. 31-70

Other sources citation: APHA (1995) Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater, 19th ed. American Public Health Association, Washington DC; Ionescu, C. (2004) Comunități de nevertebrate terestre din Carpații Meridionali [in Romanian], Dissertation, Bucharest University

Web sources are accepted only when no printed resource is available: ANM (National Meteorological Administration, Administrația Națională de Meteorologie) (2016) [Accessed 2 Oct 2016] http://www.meteoromania.ro/anm2/; European Commission (2013) The Habitats Directive [Accessed 15 January 2017] http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/legislation/habitatsdirective/

If the cited work is not published, the expressions “results not published”; ”personal communication” or ”in press” are accepted.

6. Figures and tables: In the text, the figures and tables should be indicated within the brackets as follows: (Fig. 1) or (Fig. 1 and 2) or (Fig. 1 a, b), and (Table 1), respectively. The figure caption should be written below the figure, in Times New Roman 10, centered. The table caption should be written above the table, in Times New Roman 10 centered. Figures and tables will be provided in the text of the manuscript.